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CureMantra has been established with an aim to improve the healthcare scenario in India with the help of Digital revolution. We intend to create a trust worthy ecosystem to boost coordinated care with a network of connections in the country.
  • Patient’s Online Registration.
  • Online Appointment Booking.
  • SMS Alert
  • Patient’s Medical History Records.
How It Works?
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The Cure Mantra Advantage
A digital world where patients meet doctors and seek medicines without any inconvenience or delay.
A virtual universe where doctors can access all reports of the patients online as soon as they are generated.
A new world where health information is digitalized, without changing the patient-doctor relationship.
How Are We Different?
For Patients: No more carrying reports and prescriptions from place to place
For Doctors: Full patient records available online
For Pharmacists: Receive prescriptions online and integrate it with inventory management tool.
Cure Mantra - Transforming Healthcare Industry in Jamshedpur
In this busy life where we don’t have time, taking care of our health is our responsibility. With Digital India taking a leap ahead, we can manage our health at our fingertips. Cure Mantra is a platform that connects patients, doctors, and drugstores in Jamshedpur & Ranchi. One benefit of this system is that the patient doesn’t have to wait for long hours “as we say time is money”. You can consult with Doctor’s online, store your medical records, order medicines online, and connect pathology labs. You can consult with doctors especially ENT, Cardiologists, General Physicians, Gynaecologists (Obstetrician), Physiotherapists, General Surgeon, Orthopaedists, Gastroenterologists, Child Specialists and many more.
Cure Mantra Mobile App: Book Doctors Online in Jamshedpur
With Cure Mantra, you no longer have to wait in queue for the doctors. Book Doctors Online, Order Medicines Online, Connect with Pathology Lab using your Smartphone. Cure Mantra Doctors Booking Mobile App has made the work easier. Download the Mobile App from Google Play Store, iTunes. Search for Doctors in Jamshedpur, Select the time and done. One of the fastest ways to consult doctors, patients online. Store all the medical records and history online in secure cloud storage.

Once a patient registers on our platform, their medical data is maintained and updated for seamless follow-up by the doctors. This avoids the need to take the patient to the doctor every time. Also, our platform uses cutting edge technology that makes it ever so easy for both the doctors and patients to interact with each other. Also, our platform is free for all to register; you pay only when you consult a doctor. Health is wealth and everyone should have access to healthcare. Take a step towards the future of healthcare with Cure Mantra.
Cure Mantra Healthcare Mobile App for Jamshedpur
With Headquarter in Kolkata and Office in Jamshedpur, Cure Mantra is one of the faster growing Doctors Booking App. Having more than 300 Jamshedpur Doctors registered in our health care app, make your work easier when you are looking for doctors in Jamshedpur. We ensure to verify doctor’s profile before listing them on Cure Mantra. It’s important for you to choose the best doctors in Jamshedpur to stay healthy. You can also rate the doctors based on your experience, this helps to improve patient experience before booking the doctor, pharmacy, and pathology labs.
Why Choose Cure Mantra Jamshedpur’s Doctors Booking App?
Easy Patient Registration Process: When you register yourself with Cure Mantra Mobile App, the process is very simple and your personal information’s are in secured server. You may add your personal information, medical history, prescriptions that can be only accessed with the doctor after your approval.

Easy Doctors Booking Process: Aims to create a seamless and virtual transition where patients meet doctors and seek medicines without any inconvenience or delay. No hopping from one shop to another for that rare medicine. One click of a button will let you know where it is available.

Complete Data Security: All the personal information and medical records are stored in a secure cloud server. Maintains electronic medical records in order to save medical data for better follow-up by doctors.
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